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                What is the working principle of the winder?

                2019-03-27 16:47:02

                The winder is the fastest running machine in papermaking machinery, with a speed of 1500-1800m/min and a maximum of 3000m/min. So what is the working principle of it?

                According to the nature of the rolled paper, the rewinding machine can be divided into: shaft winding machine and shaftless winding machine; according to different transmission modes, it can be divided into: single motor transmission and double motor transmission; according to its application, it can be divided into: pre-repair Rolling machine, finished product rewinding machine, special rewinding machine, wherein the finished rewinding machine has an upper threading rewinding machine and a lower threading rewinding machine.


                The working principle of the winder: the paper roll taken from the paper machine is placed on the paper exit frame, the brake device on the paper return frame keeps the paper web with a certain tension, and the paper roll is quickly made when the paper is broken. Move to reduce paper loss. The web is cut to the desired width by a transfer roller and slitting mechanism and then rolled into a roll of paper at the desired tightness and diameter.

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