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                What is the characteristic of the slit shaft of the slitter?

                2019-03-27 16:38:46

                1: The inflating operation time is short, the inflation shaft and the paper tube are separated and placed in just 3 seconds to complete the inflation and deflation, and it is not necessary to separate any parts on the shaft end side to be tightly engaged with the paper tube.

                2: The paper tube is simply placed: in the action of inflation and deflation, the paper tube can be moved and fixed at any position on the shaft surface.

                3: The bearing weight is large: the size of the shaft diameter can be affirmed according to the customer's practical needs, and the high-hardness steel is used to make the bearing weight increase.



                4: High economic efficiency: The shaft is designed for special functions. All kinds of paper tubes with thick, thin, wide and narrow can be applied.

                5: Simple maintenance and long application time: The inflation shaft is a single part, and each part in the structure has fixed specifications, which can be used interchangeably to make it easy to repair.

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